Blue Line Stories

Setting is the common thread in these tales of love and growth. Each takes place in Upstate New York, inside the Adirondack Park—the border of which is commonly called the Blue Line.


The Mountains that Ground Us

Cecilia McDonald ran away from college with a degree in heartache and a ton of debt. Five years later, she lives a quiet existence in her tiny hometown, scraping by on bartender’s wages. Life is predictable—until the night a barroom brawl ends with a dead customer.

Enter Angus Terry, the murder victim’s grouchy, gorgeous, man-beast of a son. When he and Cecilia clash over custody of his father’s injured dog, they unwittingly set off a chain of events that will bind their lives together indefinitely. But time changes everyone, and Angus might not be the monster that he seems. As Cecilia’s past and present collide, she struggles to learn to live and love fearlessly again. Can she? Or will she end up broken-hearted?

A smart, sad, funny read on love, death, dogs (the good and the bad) and how we chose to live, The Mountains That Ground Us is a full-length, standalone work of romantic women’s fiction. Read it today!

Ebook available exclusively on Amazon until June 20, 2018. Read it for free in KU.

Paperback available now!

Stars Final 10

The Stars That Keep Us

The deepest love blossoms with a second chance.

Madeline Stevens didn’t want to return to Dix River. Ever.

For her, Dix was synonymous with loss. Lost time and lost loves.

So when she’s hired to write an article on an old boyfriend’s unresolved death, Maddie expects going home to entail a certain amount of misery. She doesn’t expect to reignite a twelve-year-old murder mystery. Or to reconnect with the small-town cop in love with her since he put a dandelion ring on her finger in second grade. Together, can they unravel the lies of the past? Or will hidden secrets tear them apart?

The Stars That Keep Us is a standalone, second chance HEA containing mature themes and bad humor. It is intended for a mature audience. Read it today!

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