Standalone Fiction


Becoming Vampire: Diary of an Alligator Queen

“I’m always running when he finds me, just past the footbridge where the trail is too narrow and the underbrush claws at my sneakers. Where the cypress trees make a canopy as dark as dusk at noon, and black roots rise up from the dank water in snarls. An old oak lies on its side by the edge of the path, its massive root ball caked with orange clay, the thin fibers broken and frayed like snapped hairs.”

The only thing that sucks worse than being attacked by a vampire is turning into one.

Nadine Levitt expected her twenty-eighth year of life to include wedding cake and a work promotion, not a three-day stint as a bloodsucker’s all-you-can-eat buffet. She escapes her captor’s swampy lair alive, but not quite human.

As it happens, becoming a vampire isn’t an overnight thing, more like a year-long marathon of misery—including insomnia, teething, and weird urges. And the only person who can guide her through it isn’t a person at all, but the stupidly attractive, reclusive monster responsible for her condition.

Nadine can’t change her fate, but she won’t go quietly either. With her clock running out, a deathwish, and an unexpected companion, she’s determined to take out as many vampires as she can in the time she has left. Turns out, she has a talent.

One year of humanity. A city full of hungry vamps. What would you do?

The Diary of an Alligator Queen is a standalone vampire novel with strong romantic elements and mature themes. It’s intended for a mature audience.

Available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Audiobook also available now!


 Circus: A Halloween Novella

Love is a beautiful monster.

Born on Halloween with red hair and a witch’s name, Abigail Williams makes it her personal mission to steer clear of all things supernatural at the end of October. But, on her final night in NYC, Abby’s plans to wallow in cheap wine and her own misery are interrupted by a bestie with ulterior motives and tickets to an exclusive interactive circus game in Brooklyn.

When Abigail’s guide turns out to be a hot-as-Hades, trapeze-swinging, knife-throwing bibliophile in skull makeup, she suspects her evening might end on a high note. Little does she know, her blue-eyed stranger is hiding a dark secret under his grease paint. One that threatens to ruin their night and any chance they have at a future.

Circus is a 22k word standalone holiday-themed contemporary romance containing mature themes and situations. It is a short, sexy, strange, and sweet snapshot of two people at the beginning of their epic love story. *No weddings/babies in epilogue*

Available on Amazon (US and Canada only).